Tips & Advice On How To Sell On Poshmark The Right Way To Make Money!

Updated: Mar 28

I have been selling on Poshmark for 9 months now and I absolutely love it! The challenge for me to sell is fun! The reward is making easy money while cleaning out my closet! It’s so easy! Take a picture, describe it, price it, and post! I wish I had started a long time ago! It is definitely a “You get out of it, what you put into it” venture. 

*You should definitely be reading the FAQ’s or the Poshmark support center section for 100% factual advice on the do’s and don’t guidelines. But because there is so much conflicting advice about what works and what doesn’t work to get sales, this post is loaded with tons of tips, and advice from myself, as well as from other experienced Poshers. 

This blog post containes affiliate links. You may read my disclaimer here

Take good pictures. You do not have to be a trained

photographer to get good listing images. I am a trained photographer and I use my out of date iphone 6 for all of my listing photos. It’s so much easier to select the square option on the phone. You don’t have to buy fancy kits or backdrops. Use what you have. The focus is the clothes you are selling. Not the cute trendy succulent awkwardly off to the side of the t-shirt. Don’t add filters to the images. Buyers need to be able to see the actual true color of the product. Take pictures at different areas of the item. Front, back, sides, etc. You don’t need fancy lighting. If you are able to take photos with window light, that is best. However, if you don’t have that option, there are very inexpensive lighting kits on amazon that you can use. Check out my Amazon influencer page with a few reseller tools that I highly recommend.

Inspect your products GOOD. Selling products with minimal flaws is OK. There is a buyer for everything. Just make sure you disclose in the description the flaws, as well as in the photos. Price your product accordingly.

Even if your item is NWT (New With Tags), know their resale value. People won’t spend full price on your item if they can buy from a brick-mortar store online for the same. Don’t forget, the buyer has to pay shipping most of the time as well so that is factored in to their thought process when they are thinking about purchasing. Do comps (comparisons). Search your product on multiple platforms and select the sold option. That way you can compare what your product is selling for and what you can ask for. 

Just because someone likes your item (Clicks the heart button), does NOT mean they are interested in buying at that very moment. They might be window shopping. We all do that. 

It’s OK to start the price high so that you can make offers to likers. But don’t price ridiculously high.

Speaking of offers to likers, here is how it works: Someone hits the heart on your item, they liked it. Now, you can either send an offer to them right away, or I like to wait until Thursday evenings to send out my offers. Mainly because most people get paid on Friday’s. When you click on one of your listings you will see at the bottom right corner, Offer/Price Drop. When you click on that you select Offer to Likers. This is a great selling tool. It creates a sense of urgency because if you have a lot of people that have liked that item, they will all know how many people have liked it, so as soon as you hit that offer to likers, the hope is that they will want to get that discount before someone else does. Plus that offer only lasts for 24 hours. The idea is to start off offering 10% off, then 20, 30, and so on. If you have reached your bottom dollar, then it is best to delete the listing, and relist it. Don’t worry about losing the likers on that product. You will get more. 

There is this event that happens, it seems like every other day, called Closet Clear Out. You publicly drop the price, your likers get a notification, AND poshmark pays the shipping charge so the buyer gets free shipping. 

You can also make a bundle for the liker, make an offer and give them free shipping that way. 

Bundles. This is how you make a bundle: Open one of your listings that has likers, scroll all the way to the bottom and it will give you the names of the people that like that listing. Click on one of their names and it will take you to their closet. At the top right corner of their closet, you will see a shopping bag. Click that, and then click the 3 dots at the top right corner and select, switch to sell view. Anything that person has liked from your closet will now be visible. You just click the little plus sign on the products. It will add everything into one bundle. Then, just make them an offer. They will either decline or counter offer. 

In your seller tools, you can also set your closet to automatically give a % off when buyers add more than one item to a bundle themselves. 

Put a little bit of effort into packing your item. Don’t just throw it in an envelope or box and seal it shut. Take a couple minutes and fold it nicely. You can use a plastic bag to put your items in and then package it up. You never know what the weather is going to be like where it’s going. Make sure it is protected. You don’t have to add any extras to the package. By extras I mean, a thank you card, free gift, frilly wrapping. That is all entirely up to you. 

If you’re like me, I started out on Posh just to clean out mine and my daughters closet and make a little extra cash, and then I became addicted to it. So I started doing research about reselling on poshmark and everything that I read said a successful closet will have up to 200 listings at the minimum. So I started sourcing. I’m still not at 200! But getting there! Here is where I source when I have free time: 


Goodwill Outlets

Facebook marketplace

You can look into reseller mystery boxes on Posh, but just to warn you, sometimes they aren’t great items.

Or if you aren’t able to get out and source, you can shop online at places like Ask family and friends if there is anything they are wanting to get rid of and let them know you will take it off their hands for them! Remember, the less you spend on sourcing, the more profit you will make. 

If you think you are going to get serious about reselling, then get serious. If you get a sale, then take pride in packaging it up neatly and getting it shipped out in a timely manner. You have 7 days to get the item shipped, however, its best to get it to the post office as soon as possible. It doesn’t take much time at all to put a little effort into it. There are circumstances where people work a full time job and can’t get to the post office before they close and may only be able to go on saturdays. Personally, I only sell items that I can package in a polymer shipping envelope or bag, that can be dropped off at the blue box outside the post office. Every town varies, but you might be able to schedule a pickup. Just check with your local post office. Also, if you know your shipping time is going to be delayed a bit, you should definitely comment to the buyer and let them know. A little bit of communication can go a long way. 

Get free shipping boxes and envelopes from USPS 

There are also a ton of cute mailers you can buy on most any platform like Amazon, Etsy, etc. I love my cute lemon poly envelopes! 

STAY ACTIVE. Share, list, follow. Share your items, share other items. You have to do it multiple times a day to be successful so find a way to make it work in your day and stick to it. List 3 items a day. If you don’t have something to list, relist 3 stale items. Everyone talks about the algorithm, don’t fight it, make it your friend. Follow everyone who follows you and then follow all new users. If you have more time, follow people who like the brands you sell. 

You will get lowball offers. Don’t fuss about it. Just counter and move on. People are just using that as a starting point to see how low you will go. 

Bundles. DO NOT style or make a bundle for people that have not liked anything in your closet, nor is it even their size. I’ve heard many times that accidents happen like this, but that seems so odd to me. A butt dial, ok. A butt bundle...ehhhh. It’s way too pushy and annoying. 

IF you ever have a case opened against you for any reason, I know it WILL be frustrating. But KEEP a level head about it. Not every single buyer is innocent. Know your facts about what will be approved by Poshmark and what won’t be. Know the ways you are covered. I had a case opened against me once because I accidentally sent the wrong sweatshirt. Ugh. It happens. But I learned from it and it hasn’t happened again. And when we say “A case opened”, that sounds kinda daunting. It’s really not. In my case, a buyer needed to return the item to me. It’s just like going into a store to make a return. This is just Poshmarks database of things that went wrong. They monitor it and approve or deny solutions. 

Ratings. Buyers are supposed to accept their purchase in order for you to get paid. They have 3 days to accept. You will get paid either way, but when they accept the order (make sure it came in good condition and as described), they will sometimes give you a rating. 5 stars for excellence! star for crappy service. It’s all about a little bit of effort. They can leave you a raving review (or a love note is what it is called), or rant and rave. Do not make it a habit of getting cases open against you….however, it will never show up on your public account. Buyers will only be able to see the love notes you have been given for sold products. As well as love notes you have gave if you are a buyer. 

Graphics. You will see a lot of sale graphics in closets. 5/$25, Make Me an Offer, end of season sale, etc. You can make your own in Picmonkey, Canva, Over, Snapseed, Word Swag, etc. Basically any app that allows you to edit text. Ratio should be set to 1:1. 

Descriptions. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to know that GREAT descriptions help. Not just the title of your item, but in the main description as well. You have a black sweater. Don’t just put, black sweater. 

What type of material? 

Are there any embellishments?

Is it cable knit? 

Crew neck or V neck? 

Is it a cardigan? 

Are there any other colors on it besides the main color black? 

Be as descriptive as you possibly can be. It helps when buyers are searching for a particular item. Especially on Google where there are guest buyers. Those are buyers that can purchase from you, but do not have a posh account. 

Brands. I am definitely NOT the person to talk to about what brands sell well on Posh. I can tell you that I have VERY good luck with Nike. Any time I list Nike it gets immediate likers and sells within a week. The best way for me to help you here is, think of high dollar brands that people would LOVE to score great deals on. 

Posh Parties. I do share my closet to parties when I have time. I do have great interaction with people sharing my closet after I went to a party and shared lots and lots of listings. Apparently there is this rumor going around that if you have an item selected by a host to be featured in the party, that creates a curse on that item and it will never sell. I see that comment made so much. But I had a shirt that sold within a few days after being a host pick so I dunno. 

12/21/19 Update - SHARE FROM PARTIES!! I wasted so much time sharing from the feed, and then trying to pick individual accounts to share from hoping they will return the shares. Nope. Go to the parties section. Pick a party that relates to you and what you are selling and just share the crap out of it. Then refresh it and share again. WOW! I do this about 3-4 times throughout the day and share 100 or more. And then you might want to turn the notifications off on your phone!

Becoming a posh ambassador. It’s not a huge celebration. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool. And I changed my name on my account to Posh Ambassador Kori for about a week. Eh. Changed it back. You will get a lot more followers which is awesome. More eyes on the products. If you’re sharing them of course. You get access to the wholesale market, but I have heard nothing but bad things about the products. And you get to do sponsored posts/campaigns. Posh will give you a post to make on your social media platforms, you make it personal to you, add an image, and after the post has been made, you get paid in credits. I have not personally done this yet. I’ll update this one when I do. 

There ARE scammers on Poshmark. The most common one is anyone that tries to get you to make a transaction outside of poshmark is 99.9% a scammer. Trust your guts. If it feels off, it probably is. 

Connecting your social media accounts. Personally I have my Pinterest connected. When I share other items, it is automatically shared to a board that was auto generated, as well as when I make a new listing, it auto populates all the information for you along with a pin sized graphic of your images and posts it to an auto generated board, separate from your re-shares. Pinterest is a visual Google so I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to share to Pinterest. Other platforms is completely up to you. If reselling is your gig, then go for it. 

List on multiple platforms!! If you don’t have an account on any of these platforms, when you sign up please use my code! 

Poshmark: KORIEVANS1 - You get a $10 coupon to use towards your first purchase!

Mercari: Just click the link to sign up. You get a $10 coupon to use towards your first purchase! 

Curtsy- Use code AGMF - We both get $10!

Vinted - If you sign up for Vinted, share your referal link. You get $5 when your friend lists their first 3 items, and $10 when they sell!

Kidizen - This is a reselling app geared towards baby- teen and maternity wear! Use code hqn2x (if you are asked for a code.) You get $5 when you sign up!

Last but not least, you WILL have slow times. Just like any other online or brick and mortar store. There ARE SLOW TIMES. If you have become addicted to this reselling thing, and get upset and complain about not getting any sales, Go back to the top and read from the beginning. Take a step back and evaluate what your reselling strategy is right now and maybe there is something that needs to be improved, or changed. Are you keeping your closet active? Also, Do not ever rely on an income like this. Having multiple income streams is best! After reselling for the past 9 months, I have made a total of $515.00. Not too bad for not being on there full time! Plus I am still learning what brands do well and which ones I can sell at a higher overhead. You can check out my closet here! If you have an account, stop by and say hi!

I know there are A LOT of Poshers out there! If you have ANY tips to add to this, please comment below! I’m sure I missed some! 

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