How to Get Social Media Graphics Made For You

Are you frustrated with trying to find time to make multiple Pinterest graphics for your blog posts? If you have a side hustle, that means you have a full time job right? And you are struggling with trying to get that side hustle going. Making the graphics for your blog, pins and social media can honestly take a lot of time! What if there was a program that made them for you?

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When I found Relaythat I was a bit skeptical. How in the world would a graphic program make the graphics for me?? I could not believe how EASY it was to use and yes, it really does make the graphics for you!

I have been using Canva for 3 years now. And the one main thing that really frustrates me with Canva is the “magic resize”. I use the quotations “” because it honestly is not magic, and it hardly resizes anything but your main template. You have to go in and manually resize all your other elements to fit that magic resize.

I made a Pinterest graphic for my blog post, well now I need the same graphic to match a Facebook, Instagram, and twitter size. Doesn’t work that easily in Canva sadly.

In Relaythat, IT WORKS. You make the first graphic and then it automatically generates all the other sizes for you! Make the first one, download. Oh you need an Instagram square of that same graphic… just scroll down to the list of MANY pre sized options of what you just made and download it! DONE!

Check out this screen shot below. I made the first one, the main image on the screen, and then the others on the left side are already made! You can go in to those and switch out the photos, change the colors, and re-word it if you want.

The images below the main image are the pre made social graphics. Just scroll to pick the one you need!

3 years or more I have been using Canva. $12.95 per month. Doesn't sound like much right? In 3 years (36 months) I have paid $466.20.

Relaythat, $50. ONE TIME. That's it!

Bonus feature: If you have a hard time coming up with blog titles, there is a feature for that as well! Just pick the one you decide is best, and insert the word that fits where prompted!

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