Setting Up Your Facebook Group Checklist

As a social media manager, I can tell you that having a Facebook Group is best for interaction and being seen by your audience. However, setting up a Facebook group can be a little intimidating for someone that has never set one up before, especially with all the new features. Use this detailed checklist as a guide in getting your group set up.

Getting Started: Create a Group

You can create a Facebook group on desktop or a mobile device.

  • Go to and log in. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ll need to create one before you can create a group.)

  • Click Create at the top of the screen.

  • Note: in the Mobile App, click the three lines at the top right, select Groups, then Create.

  • If you have a Facebook page, you can create a group from your page by clicking on groups. (Find the groups tab by clicking on page settings – toggle on “Groups” Tab. Click on the Groups tab- Create Group. Creating a group from your page makes your page the Admin of the group.

In the new window that opens, fill in:

  • Enter the name for your group. You can name your group whatever you want.

  • Tips for naming your group:

  • Make it memorable and searchable so people can find it.

  • It should be relevant to the topic of your Group.

  • Use your name, brand name, product name or other recognized name associated with you/your business

  • Use keywords related to the topic

  • You can add some people by typing their name or email or skip this for now. Do not add people without their permission.

  • Select your Privacy settings:

  • Private- only your members can see, post, share and comment. Only current members can see who the members of the group are. Anyone on Facebook can see who admins and moderators are.

  • Public- anyone can see, post, share and comment. Anyone on Facebook can see the list of members in the group and who the admins are. You can change from public to private at any time. However, you cannot change from private to public.

  • Choose whether it is hidden or visible. Anyone can find the group if it’s visible. Only members can find a group if it’s hidden.

  • Click Create to finish with the basic settings for your group.

Customize your Group

Change the Group cover photo

  • Open your group.

  • Click on the choose photo to change the cover image to use photos from your Facebook photos.

  • Upload your own image if you have one you want to use.

  • It needs to be visually compelling and relevant to your topic.

  • It should fit within Facebooks dimensions for Group images, 1640px by 856px.

  • Add a call to action button to your cover image.

Complete the About Section

  • Click on About in the side menu.

  • Click on Add a Description. Then fill in the information. This section allows you to describe your group so potential members can see what it is about.

Edit your Group settings.

  • From your group, Click the More tab located beneath the cover image.

  • Click Edit Group Settings. This is where you change or add descriptions to your group. The first section covers the basics of your group.

  • Click Change to rename your Facebook Group name.

  • Click on Change next to Group Type to change your Facebook Group type. You can change the Group type at any time.

  • Select the Group type and click Save.

  • The Group types include:

  • General- The default type with standard settings

  • Buy and sell- Sales listings allowing you to set a default currency and gathers all sales listing in one place.

  • Choose currency type

  • Social Learning- Allows you to create quizzes and lessons. You can keep track of member progress.

  • Choose Discussion- Facebook sets the order of posts in the tab

  • Choose Units- You choose the order and organization of posts

  • Video games- Can link Group to specific game, host tournaments for members.

  • Add games

  • Work- Can post shifts to be covered. Can allow other members to contact you without being friends.

  • Job -open job listings with templates for job salary, location and hours.

  • Update your Group description.

  • Add a Location for local Groups.

  • Add 5 keyword-related Tags to describe your Facebook Group.

  • Link your Facebook Page to your Facebook Group.

  • Choose the main color for your Group.

  • Customize the web address to a more personalized link. Click Customize Address. Add your Group Name so that it appears as a custom link: /groups/ (yourgroupnamehere)

  • Add Apps. Admin can choose to add Apps for different purposes like utilizing chatbots to enabling shopping.

  • Change your Privacy settings.

  • Change your Groups Visibility settings.

  • Add Post Topics to categorize your posts in the Discussion Tab.

  • In the Sections tab, Add or Remove Social Learning Units, Watch Party, Instant Games or Jobs.

  • Social Learning Units- make group resources easier to find.

  • Instant Games – Members discover games, send and receive invites.

  • Jobs – Ways to post and apply to jobs in the group.

  • Watch Party- Watch videos together and comment or react simultaneously with others in the group.

  • Mentorship – Certain Groups can offer their members to sign up to become a mentor or find a mentor within the group.

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Create Group Moderation Options and Rules

  • Click More. On the More menu, above the Group Settings is the option to set your Facebook Group’s moderation options and set your Group rules.

  • Click on Topics for Posts.

  • Click Create Topic to add topics to posts to organize information so group members can find what they’re interested in easily.

  • Click Scheduled Posts to add post for later posting.

  • Click on Member Requests. Learn more about the people who want to join your group.

  • Click Membership Questions to create questions potential members to answer before joining. You can ask up to 3 question. Only admins and moderators will see the answers.

  • Some questions you might want to ask:

  • We’d love to keep you updated on new posts. What’s a good email address we can stay connected with?

  • What email address did you use when you made your payment? (for a group related to a paid program)

  • Do you promise to abide by the group rules?

  • Click on Approval Notifications to set when you get notified of member requests.

  • Click Automatic Member Approvals for preapproval of members.

  • Click Get started in the new window.

  • Click the requirements you desire: Completed All membership questions, current City within 25 miles of: friends with at least one member and/or Joined Facebook at least one year ago.

  • Click Save.

  • Click on Create Rules. Click Get Started. Enter up to 10 rules for the About area of your Group. Edit the example rules or create your own.

  • Tips:

  • Keep the hate/speech/bullying rule Facebook has provided.

  • Keep the no promotions or spam rule.

  • Add rules about information shared in the group being kept in the group.

  • Add a rule about what happens if someone violates a group policy.

You now have a Facebook Group set up and ready to start leveraging.

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