How to Create a Pinterest Graphic

Updated: Feb 22

Using Pinterest can help a business get a good amount of traffic. But, many struggle to get pinners ever to click on their pins, let alone click through to their websites. If pinners bypass your pins altogether, Using Pinterest will end up being a poor strategy for your business.

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There are some ways to optimize your pins so that they gain more attention with pinners. A major factor is the graphic or image that you use. The image is the primary means for which people will become interested in exploring more about you. You need to make it stand out.

The first aspect of a Pinterest graphic is its size. The key is to make it longer rather than wide. If you were to make a wide graphic, Pinterest would truncate it, and pinners won’t be able to see the graphic, especially if there is any text on it.

Pinners scroll down by nature when using Pinterest. Therefore, the longer your pins, the longer they focus on them. This is especially true if you make each section of the pin something they want to see.

You can use sites such as, or Picmonkey, to create your pins. There are premade templates in each to customize and use as your own.

Consider using color to make your graphics stand out. Experiment with different colors and even add some blends or gradients into the mix. You should try to split test based on colors. For instance, try a blue pin and a green pin at the same time to see if one is favored over the other.

Add a significant number of supplemental images to your Pinterest graphics, but don’t overdo it. The images should be relevant to the message you are trying to convey. Too much flash, however, will get pinners to bypass your graphics.

Make sure you have the rights to use the graphics you include in your pins. Don’t take this issue lightly as there are companies that are paid to monitor copyright infringement. It is a serious offense that is likely to cost you several thousands of dollars. If you find a website that claims royalty free access to images, make sure you know their claims policy. You want them to fight for you if it ever comes down to that.

Do not ever steal another pinners graphics either.

Free Stock Images Sites:

When using text, make sure you are consistent with your font selections. Each section can have a different font but try to keep to no more than two or three font styles.

You want to ensure that the website you link to is relevant to what the graphic portrays. If not, you can expect to have your pins reported to Pinterest.

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