How Mind Mapping Can Help you EASILY Write Blog Posts

Updated: Feb 22

When it comes to blogging, do you struggle with what to write and how to write your thoughts? You think of a blog post topic to write about, but then the rest you draw a blank. In this post I will walk you through a process of how to come up with many blog topics at once, as well as how to write about those topics easily. 

Mind mapping is a way of brainstorming. It is extremely beneficial as it is a visual tool that stimulates creative thinking preparing you to organize, evaluate, and analyze data you create for your blog topics. It is sort of like brainstorming with yourself on paper. For most, like myself, it’s so much easier to see ideas visually, than to try to come up with ideas in just my thoughts alone. 

To begin, you place a key word in the center of the paper that is a sort of main character in the mind mapping system. Next, you branch out ideas from that internal word and continue to branch out new words in a circle around that original word or theme. 

It is similar to choosing a theme and several sub themes or topics and subtopics. The more you extend the circles and branch them out, the more creative you will find yourself being.

I use mind mapping often to help map out blog topics. Take email marketing for example. My main Topic is just that, email marketing. I can branch off from that and create topics such as, how to build your email list, how to write catchy subject lines that get opened, why it’s important to keep your list cleaned up and remove inactive subscribers, what to write to your email subscribers, etc. 

4 topics were formed from one. The same can be used for just one topic in order to build your blog post. 

Let’s use my blog post, How I Made 1K in Three Months From Passive Income, as an example. I knew I wanted to share how I made 1K in three months with passive income, but I needed to organize exactly how I wanted to get that across to the readers. 

How I Made 1K in Three Months is the main topic. 

The sub topics were

Explain what passive income is

Explain what reverse passive income is

Highlight the earning potential of passive income

List my passive income streams as well as a small break down of what I have made from them all

List of other general ideas of passive income, as well as my experiences

My recommendations of how to start


Researching the topics you want to write about help tremendously as well. I use Google and Pinterest for my research. Just type in the topic you want to write about and it immediately gives you the top most searched for titles for that topic. So you already know people are looking for these answers. You just have to put the information out there. Go further and take the top searches and type that in. It gives you even more top searches, or sub topics,  to add to your mind mapping list. 

Other Ways to Use Mind Mapping

Evaluate the strengths of your blog or small business.  By placing several key themes on paper, you can visually pinpoint where your strengths are. From there, you can gain momentum by brainstorming creative and innovative ideas to enhance and maximize those strengths.

Mind mapping is also useful in examining weaknesses. Weak areas are highlighted when using mind mapping. This is useful because sometimes a discussion about weaknesses does not produce any tangible results for improvement. However, using mind mapping creates a visual board for where weaknesses lie.

If you want to explore opportunities that you can take advantage of, mind mapping is an excellent tool for this. If you have one or two tried and true ideas for success, you can create sub-categories and sub-topics for those opportunities. This, in turn will create an even bigger and more advantageous opportunities.

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