9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog For Your Business

If you have a product or service and you are not having much luck with sales, you might want to consider blogging. Having a blog for your business has the potential to reach billions of people that are searching for your expertise.

Here are 9 excellent reasons why you should have a blog for your business.

Your Potential Clients/Customers get to Know you , Like you, and Trust you

It takes approximately 7 times for a potential customer to see your product or service before they decide to purchase from you. A blog will help you to validate your expertise. People buy from businesses they trust. Think about why you shop in the places that you choose. Not just because you are happy with the price point, but you know them, you like them, and you trust them, so you will continue to shop there.

You Show Authority in Your Business/Niche

Because you are talking about it, because you are consistently posting content about it, and because people can go to you to ask questions and get answers, YOU are the authority.

MLM and direct sales can benefit greatly from having a blog. Sometimes the strategy that they teach feels a bit salesy. By having a blog, you will get your content in front of people who are searching for it. For example, if you are involved in a weight loss MLM or direct sales, you can document your journey. Or maybe you belong to a jewelry MLM. You could partner with a local photographer to get professional images and talk about each piece of jewelry.

I used to be in an MLM a very long time ago. I hated being pressured to contact my friends and family just to get eyes on the products I was selling. I felt like I was bothering them. And I most likely was bothering them. With a blog, you don’t have to feel pressured to contact people you don’t feel comfortable contacting. Having a blog for your products or services out there gives people that are searching for what you have, a chance to find you!

Financial Gain

-Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a super easy way to make a few extra dollars. When you have had an amazing experience with a product or service, you probably get on social media and recommend that product or service to all of your friends and family right? Affiliate marketing is the exact same, except if you shared your affiliate link, someone clicks on it and purchases from your link, you get paid a percentage. It’s at no extra cost to anyone that purchases from your link, you just get paid for bringing that business a customer.

-Sponsored posts

Once you have a fairly substantial following, companies will start to take notice and start contacting you to collaborate. The more experience you get with this, the more you can charge. Don’t start taking sponsored posts from companies that you aren’t familiar with. Your audience can tell when you don’t know what you're writing about. Always stay with brands and businesses that you are familiar with, and you know the product or service and would not feel sleezy recommending them to your friends and family.

Never share or recommend any product or service that you have not personally used, nor have done extensive research on. If you do not know the product or service, your posts will come across as salesy and your readers will know it.

-Sell your own products or services

Digital products are one of the best ways to make a profitable income. Talking about them through your blog posts is the number one way to sell them. Examples of digital products:


Print on Demand T-shirts and other products



Instructional videos

If You Dislike Video or Posting Images of Yourself

I completely get it. Not all of us care to have our face plastered everywhere on every post on social media. I used to hate posting any image of myself. But I’m getting a little better at it. I’ll tell my husband to snap a picture of me doing this or that so I can have something to post. Because honestly, as business owners, we DO need to have some images of ourselves out there. Potential clients and customers need to know that we are legit people. It works into that know, like and trust factor. Having a blog helps you to get your personality out there a little more.

People ARE Searching for What you Write About

99.9% of the time when you search for something on Google or Pinterest, the results will be a blog post from someone who has written an article about that topic you searched for. You read it and apply what you learned correct? THAT is blogging! People are searching for what you write about. They are searching for YOUR knowledge! They can’t find it if it doesn’t exist!

A creative outlet

Most people can teach what they know, but not everyone can do it the same way. Maybe you have a fear of public speaking. Blogging can be a great way for you to reach people without fear. If you are like me, once I start writing, it ALL comes pouring out. I can get information across better than I can if I do videos.

To Teach

Blogging is an amazing way to teach what you know. There is a blog for every subject out there. If you are an expert at gardening, you can teach people how to grow a garden. Lord knows I need that kind of help!

Find your Target Market

If you are a family and children photographer, you don’t want to waste your marketing efforts targeting potential clients that are looking for an automotive photographer. You aren’t going to please everyone. You can’t and you should never try to. It’s just way too exhausting. Instead you need to be attracting who relates to you and what you offer. What you write about and how you write about it, is how you will attract your target market.

Find Your Audiences Pain Points

As you continue blogging and consistently blog, you’ll begin to communicate with your audience. You will eventually learn what their pain points/or issue are, that you can help them with. Then you can provide more valuable and helpful content to help them, and they will want to hear more from you. Like the financial tip above, you would then be able to provide products or services that people, your target audience, will want to purchase.

The most important thing to keep in mind when starting a blog is not to start it with the main purpose to make money. The main purpose for a blog is an outlet and platform to provide valuable knowledge to the world wide web and to teach what you know to others searching for that information.

Some interesting facts

There are approximately 130 million active blog readers in the US right now.

90% of companies who blog daily have acquired at least one customer (probably much more) through blogging.

80% of the US online consumers trust the information they get from blogs.

61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

Blogging is most popular in the age group of 20 – 35-year-old. It’s over 50% of the total blogging population.

Source: Yahoo

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