4 Tricks To Manage Your Day Job And Your Side Hustle

Updated: Mar 6

Learn how to easily juggle your day job along with your side hustle. Here are my 4 top tips.

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Have a solid plan in place 

 Even the best plans can go wrong. How much more if you don’t plan at all? You’re going to find it extremely hard to succeed!

 For best results, you should ideally have a short-term goal and a long-term goal. For your short-term goals, you can plan out your week or your month. Then for long-term goals, think about where you want your side hustle to be in 3 years or 5 years. Do you think you’ll be leaving your job by then? If yes, then make it into one of your long-term goals.

 For every milestone you achieve, reward yourself. After all, it’s not easy working on a side business when you’ve got a full-time day job, too! 

 It’s all about time management

 Let’s face it – having a side hustle along with a full-time job may leave you tired at the end of the day. But if you’re looking to make both jobs work, then know that it’s very much possible. You just need to know how to manage your time. 

 For example, if you work from 9am to 5pm, you can factor in time before or after your shift to work on your side hustle. Say, you can work from 5:30pm to 10:30pm on your side job. And then on weekends, you can work on your side business the whole day if you like. 

 Of course if you are a parent, that can prove to be tough to work around. Work when you CAN. Are you able to get up about an hour more than normal in the mornings? Are the kids in bed at a decent time that you can get an hour or two of work in before you go to bed? If you have a significant other, can they help out? Or a family friend or baby sitter? Sit down and work out a schedule that would work best for everyone. Do not overwhelm yourself with trying to make it all work out. That can lead to burn out fast! Absolutely we want our side hustles to take off and make the moola! But don’t miss out on time with family and friends because of it. 

 Learn to make sacrifices 

Whether you like it or not, you will be making sacrifices. You may need to cut down on some of your favorite things to do on your days off. Previously, your weekends may have been dedicated to Netflix-binges or partying with friends. While you don’t need to transform into a total bore, you may need to seriously cut back on the fun stuff, and you know, focus on adulting and working on your side hustle! But like I said above, do not miss out on too much time with friends and family. They are the ones that are there for you now before your famous ;-). 

 Save your additional income 

You’re free to do whatever you want with your extra money (within reason because you do still need to pay the taxes on it. Ugh.) However, if you want to feel like you’re actually accomplishing something, then it’s best to save up income from your side hustle. Trust me, I have done this. Oh made an extra $500 this week, I can go ahead and get Starbucks today….and then it ends up being everyday and then I just spent like $40 bucks on coffee and then I wonder where my money went! 

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