11 Successful Blogs You Can Start Today

Updated: May 18

If we have learned anything during this very unsettling time, it is how much we rely on the internet. Of course people have been glued to their phones and computers day and night, consuming more information than they have before. Using Google and Pinterest to search for how to tutorials, DIY, and much more. Here are 11 blog niche's that are trending right now that will hopefully give you the inspiration you need to start your blog today.

Home Repair/Car Repair

People are searching for how to fix and repair, instead of buying brand new. If you are handy with home or auto repair, start documenting it. Share how you fixed it and with what tools.


People are searching now more than ever for crafting ideas to do at home with their kids to keep them busy and active!


If you are good at making money by reselling you can start a blog and teach people how to do that as well. People are looking for ways to make money on the side.

How To Get Out Of Debt

If you have a knack for making, saving and money management, you can write about what has worked for you, what not to do, with tips and advice.

Doomsday Prepper

People are actually starting to look into this niche a bit more now. If this is something you are good at, this would definitely be the blog to start.


I’m not scared to admit that since this virus has taken over the world, I have unfortunately imagined that the worst would begin to happen. Riots, end of the world type of scenarios. Would myself and my family know how to survive in that type of situation? And I have been reading a few articles here and there about it. This is definitely a niche worth writing about these days.


Not just cooking. But cooking on a budget or zero waste cooking is huge right now. With the lack of food in the grocery stores all over the U.S., there is no doubt people are having to use what they have on hand. I know I have been searching on Pinterest for simple recipes that I can use that only require what I have on hand.

Work At Home

Not only because companies have been finding out what positions can actually work form home, but because the fear this pandemic has caused in a lot of us, people are starting to look into working from home more. What can they do, what they would need to do to work from home financially, etc.


This definitely isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of people that are finding out right now how much they like it. Being at home with their kids and getting to teach them! Even if you are an in school teacher, I’m sure you can still give tips and advice on the best ways to homeschool.


Yes there are a TON of people out there that already blog about hair and makeup. But no one can do it like YOU. If you have something about you that sets yourself apart from others and stands out, you would no doubt succeed in this niche.


Just like with the cooking niche’, there is a lack of food in the stores, so people are looking into alternative lifestyles. Gardening, and growing your own are a very popular niche right now.

Whatever it is that you are good at, and you could sit and talk about for hours, that is always a sign that you can start a blog and have an endless amount of topics to write about. Even if you think it won’t be perfect, it doesn’t have to be! Just putting it out there for people to find is enough!

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